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PerfettoFood (from the ice cream manufacturer Perfetto) is a craft production of products, restaurant dishes and semi-finished products.

Since 2006, we have been producing and selling Perfetto ice cream in the southern region and beyond. Our approach to making products has always been about better quality and taste. We use only natural ingredients such as farm milk, cream, butter, fruits, dried fruits, nuts and high-quality chocolate. In addition to the standard flavors of chocolate and vanilla, we have added original recipes and flavors to the assortment, for example: ice cream without sugar on dates, ice cream with oriental sweets, with blue cheese, on the basis of yogurt with "Goji" berries and many others. Using Italian equipment and many years of experience of Italian manufacturers, we created a quality product. With the opening of our own establishments: the Perfetto ice cream cafe, the Miracoli restaurant and the Amici family confectionery cafe, we reached a new level of production, adding confectionery and young cheeses to the range. We prepare a variety of cakes for every taste.


Only fresh farm milk is used in the preparation of cheeses. The shelf life of cheese is only 5 days. Since we do not add preservatives.

about-2Pizza at Cafe Amichi is prepared with cheeses of our own production. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for professional service and quality products. Our cafes have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We pay attention to all family members. You can enjoy cuisine and desserts. Perfetto is translated from Italian as perfect, and Miracoli sounds like a miracle, Amici is translated as friends. Our main idea is to create a wonderful world of coziness and comfort for our guests in a friendly atmosphere. We combined elegance and tradition and got an atmosphere with which you want not only to start, but also to end the day. We are waiting for you in our facilities. Drink coffee in the morning, buy goodies of our production. Planning a lunch or dinner with your family in a cafe where you are always happy is a great idea!

Birth story Perfetto

how our family grew
Moving to Italy

went to work in Italy and planned to live there

2006 - 2008
The first Perfetto

the first Perfetto cafe opened its doors to everyone who wants quality ice cream

Return to Ukraine and the first "Perfetto" kiosk

purchased equipment, rented a site by the sea and opened the first ice cream stand

The first Perfetto

the first Perfetto cafe opened its doors to everyone who wants quality ice cream

Cafe Amici

we did not stop at one place and opened another cafe - Amici

Miracoli restaurant

gaining experience in managing cafe chains, we created our own restaurant

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