winner of the contest "Branded cake of the city"
Own production

Our pride is
Kherson cake


Traditions and love for the native city inspired the creation of a taste associated with Kherson.


Voskoboynik Anna
(the author of the cake)

We know pleasure in taste
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Ice cream
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Miracle cake
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Відтворити відео Відтворити відео


PerfettoFood (from the ice cream manufacturer Perfetto) is a craft production of products, restaurant dishes and semi-finished products.

Since 2006, we have been producing and selling Perfetto ice cream in the southern region and beyond. Our approach to manufacturing products has always been about better quality and taste.

We use only natural ingredients such as farm milk, cream, butter, fruits, dried fruits, nuts and high-quality chocolate. In addition to the standard flavors of chocolate and vanilla, we have added original recipes and flavors to the assortment, for example: ice cream without sugar on dates, ice cream with oriental sweets, with blue cheese, on the basis of yogurt with "Goji" berries and many others.

Ice cream from farm milk

The cream of our ice cream is the best, because we make it ourselves and select the farm milk ourselves

Selected fruits and berries

We use only the best berries and fruits for cooking, we order from verified suppliers

Without preservatives and flavorings

Our ice cream is suitable for children, we do not use chemical sweeteners and dyes

Trendy tastes

We always follow the season and fashion and delight our customers with novelties and various taste combinations

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